Barcelona wants Venice-style tourist cap


Barcelona. Image by Bert Kaufmann / CC BY 2.0

The new mayor of Barcelona has revealed plans to introduce a cap on visitors to Spain’s tourist-saturated second city to ‘stop the city becoming Venice’. Ada Colau, a former anti-austerity protester, pointed to Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella as an area that has already ‘got out of hand’ and been overrun by tourists. Between 2000 and 2013, the number of tourists visiting the city more than doubled from 3.14 million to 7.57 million. More than six million of those visitors were from overseas. As well as limiting the number of tourists visiting Barcelona, the mayor also wants to introduce a six-month city-wide freeze on new hotel developments and tourist rental apartments to assess which areas could sustain further development and increase their intake of visitors. Read more:

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