Barcelona launches pioneering open sea swimming lanes project

Authorities in Barcelona, Spain have launched open sea swimming lanes to encourage more people to get outdoors.

The open swimming lanes project will start with four swimming lanes, measuring between 0.6km and 1.2km in length, which aim to make swimming at local shores safer and more enjoyable. The increase in the number of boats and jet skis being used near local beaches had made it difficult for swimmers to enjoy the water safely.

The project, which has been named Vies Braves, will run alongside two of the main beaches in the city, Barceloneta beach and the area around Marbella beach. Detailed information about each swimming lane is available such as length, width and how difficult it is to swim in. There is also information available about local flora and fauna and what marine life, if any, you may encounter in the water.

Ideal for local swimmers, visitors interested in snorkelling and dedicated triathletes, authorities hope the new swimming lanes will be enjoyed by all.

Creating public swimming area in outdoor areas is not a new idea, with authorities in Melbourne setting up a swimming pool in the River Yarra earlier this year and plans are underway in Paris to make parts of the River Seine fit for swimming.