Banish the January blues by visiting London’s Happiness Museum

If you live in London, happiness is literally just around the corner – at least for this weekend.

Happiness is free at the Museum of Happines pop-up place in London this weekend

Happiness is at the Museum of Happiness pop-up in Spitalfields, London this weekend Image by Blondinrikard Fröberg / CC BY 2.0

Yes, a pop-up ‘Museum of Happiness’ is opening for three days in Spitalfields and is offering those seeking to banish the January blues different methods to cheer themselves up.  The museum is running a number of happiness workshops as well as guided mindfulness exercises, ‘playshops’ and laughter yoga. Among the tents and gazebos that make up the pop-up museum is a ‘Science of Happiness’ tent. Close by, another tent will accommodate visitors seeking to experience random acts of kindness.

Londoners won't have to put a price on "Happiness' because entry is free at the pop-up Happiness Museum

Londoners won't have to put a price on "happiness' because entry is free at the pop-up Happiness Museum Image by Duncan / CC BY 2.0

As happiness comes in many forms and in a bid to be as inclusive as possible, the organisers are also providing space for dancers and singers while those of a more serious nature will be given an area to build their own stress ball. The Evening Standards reports that more mainline fun will come with face-painting – for both adults and children – and there will also be provision to colour in a ball pit.

The one thing the organisers can’t promise, of course, is instant happiness to visitors over the weekend and they say that attaining that state isn’t what the pop-up is all about. Their aim is to give Londoners the chance to contemplate and understand how they could arrive at an understanding of a more permanent contentment.

And possibly believing the old adage that you can’t put a price on happiness, the organisers say that entry to the museum is free, though they welcome donations to offset costs involved. If you want to find out more about the event, you can get details at and

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