The world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel is set to open in China

With work having been completed, China is preparing to open its latest landmark to the public, the largest spokeless Ferris wheel in the world. Called the Bailang River Bridge Ferris Wheel, the structure is located in Shandong Province and measures in at a staggering 145-metres tall. The impressive feat of engineering even features a few hidden surprises.

The Ferris wheel operates without a centre shaft. Image by Sun Shubao / Getty Images

The gigantic, futuristic structure has 36 carts that can carry 10 passengers each, offering breath-taking views of the surrounding Bailang River in Weifang City. The wheel is 125 metres in diameter and features a grid design. It operated by moving the carts on a running gear mechanism across the central wheel, which unlike typical Ferris wheel designs, is stationary. The design of the central structure took inspiration from how kites operate.

Constructed by Tianjin Craftsman Manufacture, the wheel is ten metres taller than the world famous London Eye, and boasts Wi-Fi on-board. Every one of the carts even houses an individual television set, just in case the epic views are not enough to impress passengers.

The wheel has 36 passenger-carrying capsules and takes 30 minutes to complete a full rotation. Image by VCG / Getty Images

The new construction tops the Turn of Fortune, an 89-metre tall non-rotating Ferris wheel that has been under construction in Changzhou since 2009.

The Bailang River Bridge Ferris wheel is expected to be open to the public soon, following safety testing and evaluation.