Bagels top the menu of France’s latest foodie trends

The iconic New York bagel is taking centre stage on the French food truck scene. Arnaud Peyrolles, owner of three food trucks aptly named Le Bagel Qui Roule (The Rolling Bagel), said that the roll with the hole' is really appreciated as a high-quality alternative to street food.

Bagels take off in France's foodie scene.

Bagels take off in France's foodie scene. Image by blinq / CC BY 2.0

It’s healthier and fresher than the burger, for example.’ Peyrolles said he hoped his turnover would quadruple over the next year as this tasty trend takes off. Bernard Boutboul, head of the French restaurant industry council Gira, said only five years previously, bagels were ‘virtually non-existent’ and that 2015 could see their sales almost triple. Boutboul suggests the roll's popularity is to do with the freshness and sheer variety on offer. ‘The French are big bread lovers,’ he commented, ‘and appreciate the chance to choose their bread.’ Read more:

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