Back to the Future: flying taxis on the way?

It began with ‘Back to the Future’ in the eighties but now the image of flying cars in our skies is that much closer to reality – only two years away, according to latest research.

A flying car as envisaged back in the 1980s in such films as Back To The Future

A flying car as envisaged back in the 1980s in such films as Back To The Future. Image by JD Hancock

AeroMobil, a European-based company in Slovakia, has come up with a prototype for a self-flying car with the facility for passengers to evacuate via parachute in the event of emergency.

The company says that the car transforms from a car to an airplane in seconds by using technology already created in this area. The vehicles have just two-seats for a pilot and passenger and are powered by a single propeller at the back of the plane.

NBC 4 New York and CNN both reported that AeroMobil is aiming to take the prototype to reality by putting a taxi service in the air sometime over the next two years. AeroMobil CEO, Juraj Vaculik said that in essence, people would have the facility to “call a flying Uber.”

In his keynote address to a conference in Austin, he said that the taxi of the future would not just deliver you to an airport but to “your final destination.”

If the AeroMobil projected time-lines are accurate, it means that air taxis could become reality long before the San Francisco to Los Angeles bullet train, which is 14 years away from its scheduled completion date.

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