Baby humpback whale spotted in busy English Channel may be lost

A young whale spotted in the middle of the world’s busiest shipping lanes in the English Channel is thought to be a lost baby humpback.

A humpback whale

A humpback whale Image by Gregory "Slobirdr" Smith / CC BY 2.0

A passenger on a cruise ship first saw the juvenile or calf which was later identified by Ruth Coxon, a Wildlife Officer from the charity Orca, who also was on board carrying out a wildlife survey.

She said the crew was very surprised to see such an animal heading into the channel and she hoped it would find its way wherever it was going.

The Daily Express reports that the wlldlife team had contacted the British Divers Life Rescue as a precaution in case the whale was lost or unwell.

She was on the Saga Pearl II ship which is at sea on a 16-night cruise starting out in Southampton and ending in Norway.

Humpback normally reside in much deeper waters and would not usually be found in either the North Sea or English Channel.

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