BA reduces cabin bag size to limit flight delays

British Airways has ordered a crackdown on the size of hand luggage after complaining that bags had become so big they were responsible for causing delays on a regular basis.

British Airways is restricting the size of second hand luggage in cabin later this month

British Airways is restricting the size of  hand luggage in cabin later this month Image by Russell Lee Photography / CC BY-SA 2.0

Up to now the carrier had allowed each passenger two bags inside the cabin, but now it is virtually halving the 'personal’ bag size.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the new restrictions will come into effect from 18 August affecting thousands of passengers.

From then, personal bags can be no larger than 40x30x15cms, which is substantially less that the present maximum of 45x36x20cm.

The size of the current main hand luggage – usually a wheel-on bag – will stay the same at 45x36x20cm. But the reduction in the second bag size may mean that many travellers will have to invest in new luggage.

However the airline stresses that even under the new terms, their restrictions are still generous, but also underlined the fact that boarding would be considerably speeded up.

The new limit will allow for the second bag to be stowed under a seat, meaning cabin personnel won’t have to attend putting them into overhead lockers.

In an email to customers, BA said that the upward trend in hand baggage excess could not go on because it infringed on aircraft taking off on time.

The limits apply to those in economy class, but there will be an exemption for travellers in first class.

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