Latest activity to hit London is axe throwing, new venue is first in the UK

You can already go kayaking, ice climbing and power kiting in London. Now the latest activity to hit Britain’s capital is axe throwing.

Axe throwing venue opens in London
Axe throwing venue opens in London Image by Patrik Nygren / CC BY-SA 2.0

Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing in Whitechapel, East London is the first place in the UK to offer the sport, which is popular at lumberjack competitions in Canada. The venue is divided into lanes, each with a wooden target, which participants hurl their axes at in the hope that they stick. No logging experience is required, and there’s a compulsory safety briefing before each 90 minute session.

Axe throwing as a sport is believed to have its roots among the early European colonists of North America. Throwing axes have been used as weapons since prehistoric times, and were popular with Germanic peoples in the early Middle Ages. They are particularly associated with the Franks, who gave their name to both their homeland of France and the francisca, a throwing axe with an arched head. Whistle Punks opened on 19 May and operates Thursday to Saturday. Prices start at £25 per person.

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