Australia: experts gather for shark attack summit

Experts are meeting in Sydney, Australia, to discuss methods of reducing the number of shark attacks occurring at Australian beaches.

Australian authorities meet for shark summit.

Australian authorities meet for shark summit. Image by Paul Fenwick / CC BY-SA 2.0

Among the possible approaches being looked at are a smartphone app that tracks sharks, a shark-detecting buoy that will send messages to lifeguards, an electronic repellent system, and a shark-spotting program. There have been 277 fatal shark attacks in Australia since 1900, with many more non-fatal attacks. There were 161 fatal attacks in the US in the same period. In the Australian state of NSW, 13 shark attacks have occurred so far this year, with one fatality. A local study has suggested that residents want better shark education for the public, and investment in non-lethal technologies to help prevent attacks. Read more:

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