Ask LP Kids: when is the best age for kids to learn a second language?

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If your family loves to explore the culture of a place, the chances are you also value the ability to communicate well with the people you interact with as you travel. After all, talking to the people who live there allows you to learn so much more about a place and even something as simple as saying 'please' and 'thank you' in the local language can open doors.

Would you like your children to learn a second language? We asked our community for their thoughts on when is best to start this process.

The expert view

'Definitely from birth. My eldest was born in Italy and we lived there until he was nearly two: he has an excellent Italian accent while his younger London-born siblings sound rather more south London when they speak Italian. My husband is Italian and I’m English, and we found it more difficult than we had envisaged to bring up our children bilingual as I was the chief caregiver when the children were young, and thus English was the dominant language. However, if you’ve failed, like me, to bring your children up bilingual, don’t give up; ours learn more Italian every year, and have an especially good food-based vocabulary (mainly ice cream and biscuits)!'

- Abigail Hole, Lonely Planet writer

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