Ask LP Kids: what should you pack in your carry-on when travelling with kids?

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A suitcase can double as a seat but your carry-on has to work harder when travelling with kids © Michael H / Getty Images

The perfectly packed carry-on is the holy grail for many travelling parents. You want to be able to handle every emergency, ensure your kids are happy, occupied and nourished, and arrive at your destination with the whole family feeling as fresh, calm and clean as is realistically achievable...

Our Lonely Planet Kids community have clocked up thousands of air miles between them so these are the right brains to pick on the quest to get that carry-on spot on.

The expert view

'Always assume that the in-flight entertainment may break (as mine did on a recent flight) so come armed with books, colouring pencils, stickers, tablet etc. Also kids' headphones, snacks (remember: some countries don't allow you to bring certain foods in so you may need to leave leftovers on the plane), wet wipes, travel pillows and eye masks. I also pack a change of clothes for all, just in case of spillage/vomit/flight delays/lost suitcases.'

– Family travel blogger Nicola Burke from Jetlag and Mayhem

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