Ask LP Kids: what are the best apps for travelling with kids?

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You might be nostalgic for the analogue days of your childhood but there’s much to embrace in modern technology when you travel with kids. From making navigation and communication easier to keeping the kids entertained on a long journey, most family travellers now use apps on a daily (if not hourly) basis. So, we asked our community to tell us which apps they recommend to their fellow family travellers. Here are the results!

The expert view

'The best apps for travelling with kids are literally whatever my kids want! I just booked a trip with 60+ hours of flying over 19 days. It’s annoying to be on planes that much! So I’m great with anything that my kids will use to pass the time, whether it’s pure entertainment (Netflix!) or educational.

Current educational/creative favourites are Putty 3D (for virtual sculpting), FrameCast (for animation) and Duolingo (for language-learning), and all three of my kids learned their states and countries from Stack the States and Stack the Countries while travelling.'

Lonely Planet family travel pathfinder Eric Stoen,

Our Twitter community says…

Check out BorrowBox and Packing Pro for yourself!

Our Facebook fans say…

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Want to investigate further? Try these helpful extra resources:

1) This article about must-have apps for family travel uses categories such as ‘low-key learning’ and ‘backseat bonding’ to share some useful games and apps suggestions.

2) The New York Times lists apps and games for children on the go, broken down by age (up to 12).

3) For a more general list of apps which make travel (and therefore family travel) easier check out the Guardian’s top 10 useful travel apps.

4) Lastly, if you want to use a handy app to record and share the amazing trips you take with your family, why not try our Trips app?

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