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The romance of the open road can be, well, slightly less than romantic when you're dealing with bored, squabbling or car-sick kids. Yet a road trip is still a fantastic way to explore a destination. It gives your family the freedom to stop and explore whenever you want and the opportunity to create shared travel experiences, as well as enabling you to carry a multitude of stuff in the boot. As with most things parenting, there's an art to road tripping with kids. We asked our community of family travellers for their top tips.

The expert view

After being on a constant road trip for five years, we've learned a few things about what helps to make a road trip work with kids. First and foremost is snacks, lots of snacks! We have found if we pack a lunch box full of snacks for each kid and a water bottle we never hear 'I am hungry!' We do tell them that's all the snacks they get in the car today and they usually do a good job spreading them out throughout the day. If it's a long trip we recommend bringing a tablet and downloading a new movie. Then save it for a particular boring stretch or for the last half of the trip when everyone is getting antsy.

We're also big fans of audio books - you can even rent them from your local library for free! If possible, hook them up through your car stereo so everyone can easily hear. If you're travelling through a popular destination on your trip there are apps like GyPSy Guide to download and then, based on where you are, give you facts and tips about the location. They're an awesome way for the whole family to learn more about where you are.

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