Ask LP Kids: how can you prevent kids' ears popping on planes?

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Taking kids on an aeroplane can be one of the most stressful aspects of travelling with children. You take excitable or nervous kids to an unfamiliar public environment, it's super quiet and generally pretty calm and grown-up, and then their little bodies are quickly transported thousands of feet above the ground.

Then the ear popping begins... so it’s no wonder that tantrums often ensue. But, as with most things parenting, with a little knowledge and planning you can make the experience more positive for your kids, yourselves and your fellow passengers.

The expert view

'You can’t stop the ‘popping’ sensation in your ears when you fly as it’s your body adjusting to the change of pressure. If the sensation feels uncomfortable then older children can yawn, blow their nose, swallow or suck on a lollipop. For babies, feeding or sucking on a dummy can help.

If you have a cold or are congested always make sure you can clear your ears before flying – or if in doubt, have them checked by a doctor. A blocked ear can be INCREDIBLY painful on a flight.'

– Ex-flight attendant and family travel blogger Carrie Bradley from

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