Art thieves steal masterpieces from Verona gallery

Three masked thieves broke into the Museo di Castelvecchio in Verona on Thursday evening and stole 17 paintings, 11 of which are considered to be masterpieces.

Museo di Castelvecchio.

Museo di Castelvecchio. Image by Richard / CC BY-SA 2.0

The raid was highly professional and perfectly timed, with the armed thieves striking after the museum had closed, but before the alarm system had been switched on. They tied up and gagged the museum’s security guard and cashier, before making their getaway with the paintings in the security guard’s car. Their haul is estimated to be worth around €15 million and included a painting by Dutch artist Peter Paul Rubens, as well as six works by the Venetian painter Tintoretto. Art historian Tomaso Montanari called it ‘the most serious theft in the history of Italian art’. It is believed that the works must have been stolen to order, as they are so high profile that they would be impossible to sell on the open market. Read more: 

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