Animal rights activist gets unwelcome duck bashing in Catalonia

An animal rights activist who took to the waters of Catalonia to protest over a controversial local festival has been beaten with a live duck by a festival participant.

Animal rights activist gets assaulted at Catalonia's 'duck chase'.

Animal rights activist assaulted  with duck at Catalonia's 'duck chase'. Image by jacinta lluch valero / CC BY-SA 2.0

Catalonia’s annual ‘duck chase’, held in the coastal town of Roses north of Barcelona in August, involves ducks being tossed into the Mediterranean and then pursued by swimmers to catch the birds and bring them back to shore using any means possible. The ducks are not killed during the fiesta but animal rights activists view the tradition as cruel because the ducks suffer stress, pain and fear. Following the fracas, the town’s mayor has suggested holding a referendum to see if residents want to keep or ditch the unusual tradition. Read more:

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