Amazing Antarctica by Alisha Snaith, 11

We had so many brilliant entries for our writing competition – but this one really made us giggle. Read runner-up Alisha's story and you'll see what we mean...

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Are penguins still cute when they're waddling in poo? © Alisha Snaith

Planet Earth is a good telly programme, true in every aspect except one thing – penguins! Now when you see them on TV they are fluffy white and cute. In real life most are, well, covered in poo. Their own poo. Penguins, it seems, have a bit of a problem judging by the fact that they poo down each other's fronts. Now this poo isn't plain brown, it is all different colours. You get pink, green and white, all mushed up together. You get a nice mix of brown, fish-smelling slush everywhere you find penguin rookeries.

We were doing a ten-day trip to the peninsula of Antarctica. We had to spend 2 days getting across the roughest seas in the world. Luckily I wasn't sick but it meant watching everyone else be sick. When we got there we did lots of trips onto the ice. Sometimes the snow went up to my thighs but it was fun sliding down the hills. We also saw lots of seals and whales. It was very cold, so we wore lots of layers.

It was a fabulous trip but I'd advise any polar explorers to take a pair of wellies and a clothes-peg for their nose.

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