Ally Pally's drive-in reels in classic movies

Who says nostalgia is a thing of the past? One of London’s most enduring venues, Alexandra Palace, (Ally Pally), is offering a blast from the cinematic past by hosting a drive-in experience to watch some of the top films from the 1950s to more recent times.

Alexandra Palace, Muswell Hill, London.

Alexandra Palace, Muswell Hill, London. Image by Ingy the Wingy / CC BY 2.0

They began to reel in the years with the aptly-named Back to the Future, as the 'Drive-In Film Club' gave visitors and Londoners the opportunity to enjoy their favourite film from their own cars.

The series of screenings will run for another two weeks, and includes such movies classics such as Pulp Fiction, Grease, Top Gun and Dirty Dancing. Ticket-holders who drive in at the venue will be shown how to tune their car radios into a special frequency allows them to listen to the film’s audio.

Gerry Cottle Jnr, the Drive-In Film Club co-founder, said people had become somewhat disillusioned with high street multiplex cinemas, the Evening Standard reported. He said they were offering the idea of going out to a film as a social occasion, something that was once savoured.

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