Alaska: man dressed as bear sought for harassing real bears

Alaska Fish and Game officials say they would like to talk to a man who donned a bear costume and began to harass a bear and two cubs near Haines, Alaska. On Monday a man in a bear costume was spotted running toward the three bears that were feeding on salmon.

Black bear.

Black bear. Image by Todd Ryburn / CC BY 2.0

A crowd had gathered to watch the bears, and witnesses say the man got as close as 10ft to the cubs. An Alaska Fish and Game technician moved the bears out of the way for the man’s safety, and then tried to talk to the costumed individual, who refused to identify himself. The man drove off without removing the head of the bear costume, so officials were unable to identify him, but they were able to make note of his car’s license plate number. Wildlife officials have passed the information over to state troopers. Read more:

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