Aer Lingus plane photobombs Ryanair website

The photobomb as it appeared on Twitter last night

The Are Lingus  photobomb as it appeared on Ryanair last night

Airline rivals became the centre of attention on social media last night after Aer Lingus highlighted an image of what it claimed was one of its planes on Ryanair's website.

The Aer Lingus tweet stated: “Epic #photobomb by EI-DVM on Ryanair's website!" as it drew attention to the plane which looked like it had a human propensity to photobomb into an enemy marketing tool.

However, Ryanair doesn’t do silence or indeed humility well. Europe’s biggest airline responded quickly with a tongue-in-cheek reply, referencing the happy customer on the same web page.

However, unlike some exchanges between their senior executives in the past, this ‘photobomb’ incident was good-natured and got immense reaction across the social media.

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