Acid snow, dead mice and witches’ lava: Icelandic eruption continues

A small plane flies over the volatile mouth of Holuhraun.

A small plane flies over the volatile mouth of Holuhraun. Image by Sparkle Motion / CC BY 2.0

Acid snow that has fallen in Iceland is the result of toxic gases from the eruption at Holuhraun. The snow had a pH of 3.2, compared to a normal level of 5.6. The news comes as large numbers of dead mice have been found by farmers in southeast Iceland – again, pollution from the eruption is blamed. Holuhraun, part of the Bardarbunga volcanic system, erupted at the end of August, and the lava flow now covers 70 square kilometres. The lava has been dubbed nornahraun or ‘witches’ lava’ because it contains numerous strands of hair-like glass fibres created when eruption material is blown by the wind. Read more:

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