"A 6am flight will be totally fine," 25 thoughts people have while flying on budget airlines

We've all been there, you fancy some sun, and come across bargain flights online, that you'd be crazy not to snap up. Anyone who has taken a budget flight, might identify with one, or two, of these..

1. I definitely can’t afford a holiday.

2. Oh no wait, £22 to Greece? I’m there.

3. OH… £22 + £117 taxes.

The swimming pool and pool house at the home once owned by gangster Al Capone is seen in Miami Beach
It doesn't matter how you get there, right?

4. Wait a second, that’s only one way?

5. How far away is Luton?

6. Probably not that far, it’s called London Luton, it must be in London.

7. A 6am flight will be TOTALLY fine.

Newark Airport.
6 am flights? Totally fine, right?  Image by Shuichi Aizawa / CC BY 2.0

8. It’s extra for checked baggage, we can live out of carry ons for a week right?

American passenger rail Amtrak has added baggage limits.
Carry on case for a week?   Image by Strange Luke / CC BY 2.0

9. OK, nearly there, get the credit card out… Hang on,  it costs extra to pay by card?

10. I really wish I didn’t have to fit all my stuff into this teeny tiny bag.

11. Is that under 100ml? Yeah…

12. It’s 4am. Kill me now.


13.  Arrrgh!  Need to print out the boarding passes! I miss the days when you actually got a proper one.

14. Luton is miles away. Where do they get off calling this London?

15. What do you mean this isn’t 100ml?!

16. Why are all these people queueing at the gate already? It’s half an hour until take off. Chill!

17. Woah that baggage allowance hole looks small.

18. Please don’t look at my bag, please don’t look at my bag.

19. Hey who needs a gangway? It’s kind of nice they just let their passengers roam next to the runways.

20. OH. that’s why people queue – there’s literally no space left in the overhead lockers.

21. It won’t be annoying later that my bag is 20 rows behind me on the plane. Not. At. All.

22. And where am I supposed to put my legs?

23. What gives you the right to take up the entire armrest between us?

24 . Oh thank God we’re descending. I can’t feel my left leg.

Air passengers explo
Who needs baggage reclaim when you fly budget? Image by Kenneth Lu / CC BY 2.0

25. We may not have enough clothes for the week but at least we don’t need to wait at baggage reclaim. Wahay!