Paris time lapse video captures first time visitor's awe at the City of Light

New York filmmaker Tyler Fairbanks has released a short video showcasing the beauty of Paris as seen by a first time visitor.

Vimeo star Fairbank specialises in GoPro, aerial and time-lapse videos which he shoots all around the world. From San Diego to Angkor Vat, Fairbank's videos give a thorough and amazing tour of some of the world's top destinations, capturing them from the sky, the ground and through various times of day thanks to the use of time-lapse. In a couple of minutes Fairbank manages to capture the essence of a place without it being hokey or poorly done.

The pyramid outside the Louvre Image by Tyler Fairbank/Vimeo

His video of Paris does just that. Bonjour Paris focuses on everything from its elegant locals on the streets, to its most famous monuments and sights, all the while imbuing it all with the truly romantic impressions of a first-time visitor.

View of Paris Image by Tyler Fairbank/Vimeo

Fairbank starts from the views from Montparnasse and under the Tour Eiffel and then goes into the Louvre and the famous catacombs at night.

If you like his style, visit his Vimeo site where he has similar videos of South Africa, Thailand and more.