Postcard from... Albania

Our latest writing competition with Eurocamp asked our young explorers to tell us about a new experience they had over the school holidays. Here, eight-year-old runner-up Iris tells us all about taking a boat in Albania.

Kids Blog - iris
Iris and her friends dancing on the boat

I woke up that morning trembling with excitement and got dressed as speedily as I could; we were going on a ginormous boat across a lake in Albania! My friends Melosa, Jara and baby Dua (who is so cute!) had never been on a boat before and they were really excited too.

On the drive to the boat we went through humongous, steep mountains on scary narrow roads! Sometimes my sisters and I clenched our hands together we were so scared! On the way, we stopped at a café by a lake overlooking the hills of Albania and had sweet hot chocolates.

When we got on the big white boat, the water around it was a sparkly turquoise and weird Albanian music was playing; my friend knew the songs and taught me how to dance to them. We danced around the boat as we looked out on the magnificent mountains and the river. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to; trees swarmed the mountains like bumble-bees swarming their nest.

I was sad when we left, but little did I know, we were going to a beach with sand so hot it burned our feet!

Congratulations Iris! Check out the winning entry here:

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