South of France campers evacuated as wildfires rage

Ten thousand campers and holiday-goers have been evacuated from three campsites in Frejus, southern France after a wildfire broke out on Monday afternoon.

Frejus, South of France.

Frejus, South of France. Image by Frédérique Voisin-Demery / CC BY 2.0

The Holiday Green, Pierre Verte and Pin de la Lègue campsites have all been emptied as 200 firefighters, 50 trucks and several water planes moved into the area to counter the blaze. West of Bordeaux another fire has been raging since Friday which saw 1000 people evacuated from their homes. This summer France has suffered under increasingly high temperatures resulting in the deaths of 700 people and the implementation of severe water restrictions. Authorities have issued warnings to tourists and climbers around the French Alps to remain vigilant as soaring temperatures can cause the mountains’ snow pack to melt increasing the risk of avalanches. Read more:

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