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#HappyBirthdayTwitter! Top travel Twitter accounts to inspire your wanderlust

Today is Twitter’s 10th anniversary and it’s been a crazy journey for Lonely Planet! With 7 official Twitter accounts and hundreds of staff, writers and Pathfinders tweeting their journeys, you’ll never be short of inspiration to persuade you to get up and go. For the day that’s in it, we’ve rounded up ten travel Twitter accounts from our authors to get you started.


After spending nearly a decade between Sydney and London, Peter Dragicevich once again calls Auckland, New Zealand his home. Over the last decade he's written literally dozens of guidebooks for Lonely Planet on an oddly disparate collection of countries. Peter’s currently exploring Wales so expect plenty of dramatic coastlines and abandoned fortresses.


Only really happy when her feet are suitably sandy, Belinda Dixon has been (gleefully) travelling, researching and writing for Lonely Planet since 2006. Fresh from exploring Bristol, Belinda’s feed is currently full of street art and crisp English walks.


Kerry is an award-winning travel writer, specialising in Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Morocco. Kerry has authored some 20 guidebooks and has written for Lonely Planet Magazine and blog. She spent much of February exploring France and rewarded her followers with epic stained glass windows and fabulous French laneways.


Cristian has contributed to over 30 Lonely Planet guides to date, including New York City, Italy, Venice & the Veneto, Naples & the Amalfi Coast, Denmark, Copenhagen, Sweden and Singapore. He’s currently experiencing spring in Sicily so give him a follow if you want to be inspired by stunning architecture or just made hungry by some decadent cannoli.


Phillip Tang has been a travel writer on Lonely Planet's Mexico, Peru, China, Japan and Korea guides, and the books including World's Best Brunches and Cooks Clowns and Cowboys. Right now, he’s delighting us with his adventures in China - and its marvellous food - and will be hitting the awesome city of Toronto next.


Over the past decade Kate Armstrong has contributed to over 30 Lonely Planet guides and trade publications and is regularly published in Australian and worldwide publications. She's offering up a fresh perspective on Portugal at the moment. Go on, give her a follow.


Tim Richards is an experienced researcher and writer for Lonely Planet. When he’s not travelling, he’s sharing an awesome local perspective of Melbourne, including its incredible and ever-changing street art.


Matt is our Destination Editor for sub-Saharan Africa and former guidebook author. When travelling, he shares epic photos of otherworldy landscapes and adventures. When at home, expect beautiful sunrise shots of London.


In the last eleven years, Brendan Sainsbury has written over 40 books for Lonely Planet from Castro’s Cuba to the canyons of Peru. His most recent sojourn to Seattle where he made us want to visit despite the traditional grey sky.


A travel writer with more than 17 years experience, Paul Harding has worked on more than 40 guidebooks. He delighted us with his 2015 assignment to share colourful snaps of everyday life in Vanatu.


Bradley's main beat is the Tibetan plateau and Himalaya and is the main author of Lonely Planet guides to Tibet, Nepal, Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya and Bhutan, as well as Central Asia. Fresh from researching the new guidebook to Bhutan, expect beautiful snaps of the landscape and, er, interesting street art.

Don’t forget, you can always follow our lists for staff, authors and Pathfinders for more inspiring travel Twitter accounts.