Club in Yerevan


Astral is to Yerevan what the Hacienda was to Manchester: ground zero for the dance-music scene. This club is located in a huge underground space next to the Opera House.
Blues in Yerevan

Avante Garde Music

Inside a slightly nasty old Russian block, this club hosts jam sessions, jazz and rock bands. Check the schedule on the website. Cover prices vary according to who is performing.
Club in Yerevan

Garage Club

Stylish club that blares electronic dance music and hosts ‘theme parties’. Can be a bit tight on space.
Club in Yerevan


Small lounge and part-time disco with Mondrian art theme and dancing on Friday and Saturday. The rest of the week it hosts live music acts. It’s back behind the Syrian sweet shop.
Live Music in Yerevan

Lounge Bar Bunker

Manhattan-style basement club with a chrome and steel entrance. On weekends a DJ mixes rap and techno, turning the place into a miniclub.
Jazz in Yerevan

Malkhas Jazz Club

Let's start by saying that the Kardashian sisters spent an evening at Malkhas in 2015. This could be a recommendation, but could also be a warning – we'll leave it for you to decide. Armenia's most famous jazz club,…
Gay/Lesbian in Yerevan


The most popular hangout is Melines a cellar bar located below the French restaurant. The building is slated for demolition but will hopefully relocate.
Club in Yerevan


Disco attracting a slightly older crowd. It’s easy to find, right under the Opera House, accessed from the north side.
Live Performance in Yerevan

Pioneer Club

Part of the active ‘exotic’ cabaret scene, with a strip club downstairs but a porn-free bar upstairs, with reasonably priced drinks.
Live Music in Yerevan


Very popular with the young and wealthy crowd, with quite a few expats and Armenian diasporans thrown into the mix. It has an enormous bar, brings in top-notch DJs and serves decent food as well.