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A further 4km up the valley from Yenokavan is a unique tourist venture run by Apaga Tour There are horse stables here, and guided trail rides can be arranged for AMD3500 per hour or AMD25,000 per day (including meals). Guided hikes are also available if you prefer walking. Accommodation is available in newly built small cottages; the price includes three meals and horse riding. A taxi to Apaga from Ijevan costs around AMD2000 each way.

The drivable road ends at Apaga but if you are looking to get further off the beaten path, continue another 3km on foot from Apaga Tour down into the gorge to a separate tourist venture called Anapat Tour. This small operation, run by brothers Vahagn and Hovar Tananyan, is a simple bush camp near the Khachagbyur River in a beautiful spot they have dubbed ‘Peace to the World’. Some locals also know it as ‘Lastiver’. Bring a swimsuit as there are some wonderful bathing pools and cascades nearby. You can stay and eat at the camp for around AMD10,000 (less if you bring your own tent and food). Facilities consist of basic huts and even tree houses. If you arrive in the cooler months (October to April), accommodation is in caves. Activities include fishing, hiking and cave exploration. Some of the caves in the area contain unique pre-Christian carvings of faces and human forms.

The 3km hike from Apaga Tour to Anapat Tour takes about one hour and is mildly strenuous. It can be difficult to find the way so coming here on your own is not recommended; it’s best to contact the brothers ahead of time so they can guide you to their camp.

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