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Monastery in Yeghegnadzor

Spitakavor Monastery

Only accessible by foot or 4WD, this 14th-century monastery was built on the site of a 5th-century basilica and has a church, gavit and bell tower. The exterior of the church features some unusual carving.
Monastery in Yeghegnadzor

Tanahati Monastery

The impressive main church at this monastery was dedicated St Stepanos (Stephen) and was built in the 13th century on the site of a ruined 8th-century monastery. There are significant stone reliefs of animals on the…
Bar in Yeghegnadzor

Park Cafe

Yeghegnadzor's nightlife is limited to this outdoor cafe in the gardens surrounding the Ferris wheel. Young locals eye off members of the opposite sex, parents bring young children for an after-dinner ice cream and …
Museum in Yeghegnadzor

Museum of Gladzor University

The village of Vernashen, 5km uphill from Yeghegnadzor, is home to this museum housed in the decommissioned 17th-century church of Surp Hagop. It has displays on monasteries across the country, plus old manuscripts …
Museum in Yeghegnadzor

Yeghegnadzor Regional Museum of Vayots Dzor

The interesting building with its horseshoe-shaped entrance augers well, but the collection in this modest museum holds little of interest. Its only artefact of note is a 14th-century khachkar with intricate carving…
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in Yeghegnadzor

Edem Café