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There is plenty of scope for short hikes in the surrounding area. One trail from the village leads to Svarants (population 250), a hamlet 20 minutes’ walk away on the other side of the valley. Another trail heads north to the top of Petroskhatch mountain, 4km from Tatev (the return-trip hike takes under three hours).

The most popular hike is downhill from Tatev to Mets Anapad, an overgrown 17th-century church. This takes 2½ hours.

Organised hikes in the gorge leave Tatev at 10am and 2pm (two-hour trail, AMD10,000) and at 11am (seven-hour trail, AMD20,000). Book at the Wings of Tatev Aerial Tramway ticket office in Halidzor.

If you're hiking or driving to Tatev rather than taking the aerial tramway, stop off to see Satan’s Bridge, located on the road halfway between the cable car and Tatev village. Legend tells that centuries ago, villagers fleeing a rebel army were blocked by the raging river. Before the invaders attacked, a bridge was magically created by a huge falling rock and the people were saved.

Just uphill from the monastery is the Tatev Tourism Information Centre & Cafe run by the extremely helpful English- and Italian-speaking Anna Arshakyan. This is the place to ask about hikes in the area (Anna can organise guides), travel around the region and B&Bs where you can spend the night.

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$39.64 Day Trips & Excursions

Day Trip: Tatev Ropeway, Monastery,Karahunge, Shaki waterfall,Areni Winery,lunch

The tour will take you to Karahunge, the Armenian Stonehenge, which is a whopping 2500 years older than the world famous Stonehenge. This is one of the most mystical spots on our planet and is yet to be explored!A place that can’t be missed whilst in Armenia is Tatev Monastery, which once was the educational and spiritual center of Armenia. It’s built on a high plateau in the Vorotan river gorge, and is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and dense forests. You can reach here riding the world’s longest cableway Wings of Tatev. During your ride, you will enjoy a spectacular view over one of the most beautiful spots in Armenia (if not in the world).The next stop is Shaki Waterfall. It is located in Syunik Province. On the left side of the river Vorotan’s gorge, basalt lava flows have solidified to form a ledge 18 meters high from which the waterfall cascades down.During this trip you will also have a chance to visit Areni, that is known for its spectacular history in winemaking, bearing the name of one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. So if you are a Wine connoisseur, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Areni and all of its vineyards.As part of the tour, guests will taste the most famous dishes of traditional Armenian cuisine. The dishes are unique with their taste and appetizing aroma, characteristic only for Armenian cuisine.

$100 Private & Custom Tours

One Day Private Trip to Khor Virap, Noravank and Tatev Monasteries

Drive through the pretty Ararat Valley to the 4th century monastery Khor Virap, where you will enjoy the view of Mt. Ararat (to be honest there are lots of places, where you can enjoy the view, but each of them is unique). Ararat is the mountain, which will let you feel where your ancestors come from. “Khor Virap” means “deep dungeon”, where was a royal prison in the 4th century, here the first Armenian Catolicos Gregory the Illuminator was detained.Continue your tour to Noravank monastery with its intricate carvings. Here you will find the only depiction of God. You can also notice the face of Jesus Christ appeared on the dome of the narthex.Also visit the 7th century monastery of Tatev, which was an educational and spiritual center. You will reach the monastery by the cable car. The ropeway is the longest in the world and if you are looking for unforgettable adventures in the air and want to fly, you don’t need planes! Wings of Tatev will take you to the sky!

$27000 Cultural & Theme Tours


ItineraryDay 1Arrival in Yerevan, transfer to the hotelDay 2"Hin Areni" wine factory (tour and tasting), Tatev - Ropeway, KhndzoreskDay 3 Dilijan (old town), national dishes master class and active leisure in Yenokavan village (zipline, rope park, paragliding, horseback riding, rock climbing etc.)Day 4Garni, Geghard, lavash bakingDay 5Tsaghkadzor (Kecharis, Ropeway - one station), Lake Sevan (Sevanavank, boat trip)Day 6Alphabet Alley, Aragats (Lake Kari), Amberd, traditional holiday cooking in Armenian village gardenDay 7Dashtadem Fortress, Gyumri (old town, black fortress, popular fish farm-restaurant), MarmashenDay 8Transfer from the hotel to the airport, departureAdditional information:Once Booked payment is not refundable.Instead of hotels the participants of the program can choose to be placed in high-quality apartments in the center of Yerevan. In this case the price of the program decreases and is subject to additional discussion.In case of additional services, besides the ones listed in the program, the price is subject to additional discussion.Maximum number of booking 15 per Group.Breakfast will be served in your Hotel / Buffet.Lunch & dinner will be server during the tours in respective locaions .Guests need to inform their choice of food while booking.If Guests order for foods,drinks in their Hotel room service and lundry , they need to pay themsalves.

$119 Day Trips & Excursions

Tatev Monastery, Khndzoresk, Karahunj

Have you ever been to Old Khndzoresk? Have you ever seen Khndzoresk’s 160m long swinging bridge and cave apartments, where people lived till 1950s? If your answer is no, then join our unique trip.In Khndzoresk we will also visit Mkhitar Sparapet’s cemetery and 2 churches of the 15-17th century as well. During the tour we will have free of charge wine tasting in Areni. On the way back we will also visit Tatev monastery,  Tatev ropeway, which is the longest in the world and also Karahunj.In order to see the Tatev Monastery, it is a must to take the ropeway. Two- way ticket is 5.000 AMD.

$269 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Tatev, Noravank and Shaki waterfall

This time we are going to discover unique architecture of Tatev Monastery, Noravank Monastery and admire the beauty of Shaki waterfall. We will visit Noravank monastery which is the most famous monastery of this region located on the rocky gorge of high-upplace.Shaki waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural monuments of Armenia.The height of waterfall is 18 meters and it’s 1700 meters high above sea level.The place of waterfall is a deep canyon, rich in cliffs and caves. Tatev Monastery is a 9th century historical monument. In order to see the Monastery of Tatev, it is a must to take the ropeway. Two way ticket is 5.000 AMD.

$950 Cultural & Theme Tours

Explore the South of Armenia in 5 days

Day1: Pick up from the airport and transfer to the hotel. Short sightseeing tour in Yerevan, during which you’ll get acquainted with the capital of Armenia. Tour to the only pagan temple left in Armenia – Garni. Nowadays the ruins of the royal palace and the bathroom with a stunning mosaic work can be found near the temple. Tour to Geghard monastery, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Back to Yerevan. (L) Day2: Breakfast at the hotel. Tour to one of the three holy places in Armenia, Khor Virap monastery. Tour to Areni, a village in the Vayots Dzor province of Armenia best known for its wine production. Then comes Noravank, 13th-century Armenian monastery. Overnight in Jermuk. (L) Day3: Tour in spa city Jermuk. Then comes Khndzoresk, famous for its canyon with picturesque rock formations and ancient cave settlement. The artificial caves, some of which are currently used as stables and warehouses, used to be inhabited till the 1950s. Here the 160-meter long swinging bridge connects the two banks of the village, old and new Khndzoresk. You'll visit the Armenian Stonehenge - Karahunj. Overnight in Goris. (D) Day4: Tour to Tatev, 9th-century Armenian Apostolic monastery. The monastic complex stands on the edge of a deep gorge of the Vorotan River. To get to the monastery we'll take the cable car Wings of Tatev, that holds the record for longest non-stop double track cable car. Tour to Lake Sevan,  the largest body of water in Armenia and the Caucasus region, and one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in Eurasia. On our way we'll visit Selim, which is the best preserved of all medieval caravanserais in Armenia, Noratus, medieval cemetery with a large number of early khachkars and Sevanavank monastery. Overnight in Sevan. (D) Day5: Tour to Tsaghkadzor, the ski resort, with forests and an ancient monastery Kecharis (11-13th centuries). Tsaghkadzor is one of the places in Armenia, where people go in summer to get away from the city life and the heat, for the fresh air in the mountains. In winter, the town is completely overtaken by skiers and people who just want to relax and enjoy the snow and scenery. The name of the city literally means “valley of flowers” or “flower canyon”. During the tour the ropeway will be optional. Transfer to the airport. (L)

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