Stepanavan attractions

Fortress in Stepanavan

Lori Berd

Sitting on a promontory between the gorges of the Dzoragets and Miskhana Rivers, this ruined fortress has huge round towers and massive stone blocks along its exposed side. Originally the base of David Anhogin (949–…
Forest in Stepanavan

Stepanavan Dendropark

This cool and tranquil 35-hectare arboretum 11km south of Stepanavan was established in the 1930s and has a vast array of conifers and deciduous trees. It’s especially popular in May when locals with respiratory pro…
Museum in Stepanavan

Stepan Shahumian Museum

This Soviet-era edifice was constructed in the 1970s on the site of the modest timber home of Stepan Shahumian and his wife Ekaterina Ter-Grigoryan, and the architects chose to preserve and display the house in the …