Top things to do

Park in Sisian

Sculpture Park

The sculpture park in town one block from Sisakan St displays stone carvings from different millennia, including sarcophagi, phallus stones, ram stones and megaliths. You can spot the evolution of the pagan khachkar…
Church in Sisian

Sisavan Church

Originally built in the 6th century, Sisavan Church was restored as recently as the 20th century. It combines an elegant square-cross floor with some striking sculptures of royal and ecclesiastical patrons inside an…
Museum in Sisian

Sisian History Museum

Townsfolk are very proud of their museum, which showcases a modest array of carpets, archaeological artefacts and ethnographic displays. It faces the sculpture park, making a visit to both an easy proposition.
Armenian in Sisian


The food at this khoravats joint by the river just next to the bridge is basic and not particularly fresh, so we're disappointed to report that it is the town's best eatery.