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Armenia: On Tubalkain's Tracks

Day 1 YerevanArrival Day 2 Yerevan: Shengavit - History Museum - City TourWe will start our study tour from Shengavit Settlement (3000 BC), which is considered as one of the oldest inhabited places. Next, we will head to The History museum of Armenia. Afterward we unpack Yerevan Metro,and later proceed on Abovyan street. In the evening we will enjoy dancing fountains show. Day 3 Yerevan - Metsamor - Sardarapat - YerevanToday we will depart to ancient settlement of Metsamor. Picnic. Later, we will head to Ethnography Museum in Sardarapat.Day 4 Yerevan - Amberd - Aragats – YerevanVisit to 11th-century Amberd fortress. Later, we will hike up to Kari lich and continue hiking till Southern summit of Aragats.Day 5 Yerevan - Khor Virap – Zangakatun – Areni – Noravank – Karahundsch - Goris First, we will stop at Khor Virap Monastery. Next, we will depart to Zangakatun village and later proceed to wine-making center, Areni. To the south of Areni we will  admire Noravank monastery. Later, we will depart to megalithic complex of Karahunj.  Day 6 Goris – Khndzoresk – Tatev - Goris The new day will start from old village Khndzoresk. Afterwards, we will continue to Tatev Monastery. Here, we will take the longest reversible ropeway of the world. Overnight in Goris.Day 7 Goris – Selim – Odzaberd – Noratus – Hayravank – Lchashen - SevanIn the morning we will head to Selim caravanserai, next fortification Odzaberd. Later we will discover cemetery Noratus with khachkars. Next we will unpack Hayravank Monastery on the shores of Sevan. The trip will continue to settlement Lchashen and after, we will reveal Sevan lake. Day 8 Sevan – Sevanavank – Geghard - Basalt Organs – Garni - YerevanWe will take a direction to Sevan peninsula, and cover Sevanavank Monastery. Next, the tour continues to the ancient Monastery of Geghard. Then, we will hike to Basalt organs, and later, uncover Garni Temple (1st century AD). Day 9 Yerevan: Matenadaran – Megerian Carpets – Tsitsernakaberd On a city tour we will unveil Matenadaran. Next, we will proceed to Megerian carpet factory,  Here, we will have lunch, with unique representation of Armenian traditional dishes.where we will enjoy delicious specialties. We will head to Tsitsernakaberd - Armenian Genocide Memorial complex and museum.Day 10 Yerevan – Zvartnots – Etchmiadzin – Aknashen - YerevanWe will drive to the ruins of Zvartnots cathedral and St Hripsime Church, later, we will head to the Holy City of Echmiadzin. The tour will continues to Aknashen village, where we will learn to make "lavash".Day 11 Return flight Have a safe flight. 

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After the victory on May 28, 1918 Armenia was declared as an independent Republic. The memorial was designed by architect Rafael Israelyan.Two giant winged bulls symbolizing the titanic strength of the Armenian people stand at the entrance to the square dominated by 35-meter-high stone bell tower. A flower alley with stone eagles runs from the Victory Wall symbolizing the spirit of the Sardarapat heroes. From the center of the Victory Wall opens a view of the majestic Mt Ararat, the silent witness of the heroic past of the Armenian people.The complex is completed by an originally designed folk art museum. The central hall of which contains commemorative materials from the battle. In the galleries you can see archaeological materials from Neolithic to Medieval, various traditional handicrafts. Upstairs are exhibits of carpets and embroidery, modern Armenian decorative ceramics and jewelry.

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