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Armenia: On Musical Paths

Day 1  Arrival. Day 2 Yerevan: Matenadaran  –  City Tour  – Cultural EveningIn the morning we will explore the main landmarks of the city.  First destination to be revealed is Matenadaran. Later we will continue to Yerevan Subway. Next, we will proceed to Abovyan street and the Republic Square.Day 3 Yerevan  –  Geghard  –  Basalt Organs – Garni  –  YerevanToday we will unpack Geghard Monastery. Afterward we will depart to Garni, and discover ''basalt organ''. The last treasure will be Garni Hellestic Temple.Day 4 Yerevan: Armenian dance master class - Megerian CarpetsToday we will have day full of traditional dance and music. We will head to Megerian carpet factory, where we will enjoy a unique traditional specialties.Day 5 Yerevan – Amberd - Aragats –YerevanIn the morning, we will head to the highest mountain in Armenia, Aragats (4090 m). On our way, we will  stop at 11th century Amberd fortress. In the afternoon, we will hike to the picturesque Qari lich and later, continue the tour to southern peak of Aragats at an altitude of 3888 m. Day 6 Yerevan – Sevanavank – Dilijan – Haghartsin – Goshavank - OdzunToday we will unveil lake Sevan with its  peninsula. Next we will discover emerald town Dilijan. Next, we will visit Haghartsin Monastery and continue to wonderous Goshavank Monastic Complex. In the evening overnight in Ozdun. Day 7 Odzun - Akhtala - Haghpat - Sanahin - Odzun The exploratory mission will continue in Akhtala village, famous for its ancient frescos. Afterward, we will reveal UNESCO heritage listed Haghartsin and Sanahin monasteries.  Day 8 Odzun - Gyumri: City TourToday we will head to the second biggest city in Armenia - Gyumri. We will  stroll through the streets and uncover antique architecture of the Old town.  Day 9 Gyumri – Harichavank - Yererouk -Yerevan In the morning, we will depart to Harich village and unfold 7th century Harichavank monastery. Later, we will take a direction to archeological site of the basilica church Yereruk. Day 10 Yerevan – Zvartnots - Etchmiadzin – Aknashen – Yerevan Today we will head to Armavir province, to unfold the ruins of ''Zvartnots'' cathedral and St. Hripsime church. Next destination will be Echmiadzin spiritual city. After, we will continue to the village called Aknashen. where we can learn to make ''Lavash''. Day 11 Yerevan: Komitas Museum - Tsitsernakaberd - Cultural EveningVisit to the Museum of Komitas. After, we will head to Tsitsernakaberd, The Armenian Genocide Memorial and museum. Late in the evening, we will attend cultural evening. Day 12 Return flight Farewell to Armenia.

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