Northern Armenia restaurants

Top Choice Cafe in Stepanavan


Why the owners of this excellent cafe and bookshop chose to open in sleepy Stepanavan is a mystery, but it's a welcome sight for travellers passing through. The menu is a mix of Armenian and international with pizza…
Top Choice Armenian in Dilijan


One of the best restaurants in Armenia, Kchuch is located in the middle of a lush park in the heart of Dilijan. Most of the food is baked inside brick ovens in kchuch (clay pots), and includes tasty meats like osso …
Armenian in Dilijan


This restaurant is split into two. Downstairs there's Losh, serving mainly lavash (flatbreads), dips and starters. Upstairs is Tava (meaning pan in Armenian), a more upscale option featuring Armenian classic dishes …
Armenian in Dilijan

Flying Ostrich By Dolmama

There was great excitement in Dilijan when this branch of Yerevan's upmarket Dolmama Restaurant opened next to the Aghstev River in 2014. Serving what it describes as 'traditional Armenian food with a twist', it off…
Armenian in Dsegh

Avan Dzoraget Restaurant

Few Armenian dining experiences are as pleasant as this one. Graze on your choice of an impressive array of salads and appetisers, many of which are vegetarian, or opt for a main dish such as locally caught rainbow …
Armenian in Stepanavan

Slobodka Restaurant

The women at this charming restaurant near the museum don't speak any English, but they're happy to show guests what's in the refrigerator and on the stove. Khoravats (barbecue meat) and dolma (stuffed vine leaves) …
Armenian in Vanadzor


With very affordable Armenian and Russian food as well as friendly (non-English-speaking) service, Madera manages to be one of Vanadzor's best eateries. The borscht (beet soup) and dumplings are particularly tasty.
Armenian in Dilijan

Getap Restaurant

Armenians adore dining at restaurants offering small wooden pavilions situated next to rivers and lakes – it's one step up from the equally adored picnic. Located on the highway to Ijevan, this place has plenty of p…
Armenian in Alaverdi


Also called Armen's, this huge place is popular with tour groups and has a number of dining spaces inside and on the rear terraces. The set menu holds no surprises (khoravats, cheese and salad) and the quality only …
Armenian in Dilijan


This restaurant in the Dilijan Historic Centre has nice decor and beautiful wooden balconies, but the food is a bit of a letdown. The menu is extensive and there's a list of lahmajoun (thin-crust pizzas), but portio…