Lake Sevan restaurants

Supermarket in Sevanavank Peninsula


On the road in between Sevan and Dilijan is this immensely popular supermarket and bakery. Incandescent doughnuts, baklava (honeyed pastries), wraps, pizzas and khoravats (meat skewers) are on offer. Dargett draught…
Armenian in Lake Sevan

Zanazan Restaurant

Housed in a huge barn-like building constructed with local stone, this restaurant serves good-quality food, yet it's pricey considering the small portions. The menu includes Armenian specialities with an added twist…
Armenian in Sevanavank Peninsula

Ashot Erkat Restaurant

Located off the stairs leading to the monastery, this place has a huge dining hall with partially obscured lake views. You may need to share one of the long tables, as the restaurant is set up for the large tour gro…