Peak-season accommodation rates apply from April to June and from September to October. Even outside these months it’s a good idea to book your room ahead of time, especially in Yerevan. This is especially true for B&Bs so that the hosts can organise food and be available at the time of your arrival. Discounts are usually available in the low season (November to March).

B&Bs Private apartment or home occupied by a local family with rooms available for guests. Breakfast is often just bread, jam, tvaser (sour cream) and tea, although some places offer full meals. Local tourist offices usually keep an updated list of B&Bs. Prices average AMD10,000 per person.

Guesthouse Similar set-up to a B&B, but without a family living on-site. Sometimes offer a kitchen for self-catering.

Homestays These are similar to B&Bs but do not offer breakfast or other meals. Prices are similar to B&Bs.

Hostels These are geared towards school groups and backpackers, and usually have English-speaking staff. Dorms and private rooms are available but bathrooms are usually shared. A basic breakfast is usually included in the price, with costs averaging AMD7000 per person.

Hotels There is a wide variety of hotels across the country, from musty hotels in rural areas to sleek five-star international chains in Yerevan. Prices are considerably higher in the capital, with a midrange double in Yerevan costing around AMD60,000, while a similar room outside the capital might cost half that. There are as yet no international-standard boutique hotels in the country.

Resorts Resort areas such as Dilijan, Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk and Lake Sevan have hotels set in scenic surrounds that have extensive facilities for indoor and outdoor recreation. Many of these are Soviet-era hotels and sanatoriums that have been privatised and upgraded.

Price Ranges

The following price ranges are based on high-season accommodation for two people including breakfast and taxes:

$ less than AMD25,000

$$ AMD25,000–70,000

$$$ more than AMD70,000

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