Top things to do

Museum in Goris

Museum of Axel Bakounts

This pretty villa with its stone walls, timber veranda and courtyard garden was the home of writer Axel Bakounts (or Bakunts), who died in Stalin’s 1937 purges. It features his personal effects and furnishings from …
International in Goris

Deluxe Lounge Cafe

The Parc de Vienne is Goris' entertainment hub, and this sleek lounge cafe is where most of the action unfolds. The menu is dominated by international dishes – many Mexican – and the seating is in a dining pavilion …
Armenian in Goris

Mirhav Restaurant

You'll need to book and order in advance to enjoy a meal in the Mirhav Hotel's restaurant, but it's worth the trouble. The menu here is more interesting than the average Armenian eatery, featuring stews, pilafs and …
Park in Goris

Parc de Vienne

This run-down park near the Town Hall has a small funfair for young children, a derelict fountain and a number of cafes. It's a popular meeting place for locals.
Church in Goris

Surp Gregory

This church is prominently placed on the corner of Grigor Tatevatsi and Mesrop Mashtots St..
Landmark in Goris

Town Hall

The main municipal headquarters in town is surrounded by administration buildings.