Top Choice Memorial in Yerevan

Armenian Genocide Memorial & Museum

Commemorating the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1922, this institution offers a powerful museum experience similar to that of Israel's Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum). Designed by architects…
Top Choice Museum in Yerevan

History Museum of Armenia

Its simply extraordinary collection of Bronze Age artefacts make this museum Armenia's preeminent cultural institution and an essential stop on every visitor's itinerary. Many of the items were excavated at the Necr…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Yerevan

Erebuni Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve

This archaeological site dates from 782 BC, three decades before Rome was established. It gives an excellent insight into daily life in the palace of Argishti I, one of the greatest kings of Urartu. At the foot of t…
Top Choice Arts Centre in Yerevan

Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Housed in a vast flight of stone steps known as the Cascade, this arts centre is one of the city's major cultural attractions. Originally conceived in the 1920s by Soviet architect Alexander Tamanyan as part of his …
Top Choice Monastery in Geghard Monastery

Geghard Monastery

Named after the holy lance that pierced Christ’s side at the crucifixion, this World Heritage–listed monastery is carved out of the rock face of the Azat River Gorge. Legend has it as founded in the 4th century and …
Mosque in Yerevan

Blue Mosque

There has been a mosque on this site since 1765, but like the other eight or so mosques that operated in Yerevan at the beginning of the 20th century it was closed during the Soviet era. Reconstructed in the late 19…
Museum in Yerevan


Standing at the top of Yerevan’s grandest avenue, this cathedral-like manuscript library is a source of enormous pride to all Armenians. The first matenadaran (book depository) for Armenian texts was built by St Mes…
Gallery in Yerevan

Modern Art Museum of Yerevan

When it opened in 1972, this was the first specialised museum of contemporary and modern art in the Soviet Union, and a source of enormous pride for the Armenian avant-garde. Many prominent local artists of the time…
Museum in Yerevan

Museum of Russian Art

A collection of 200 works by 19th- and 20th-century Russian artists, donated by Professor Aram Abrahamian, who had a taste for cheerfully picturesque landscapes. Enter on Tamanyan Poghots.
Museum in Yerevan

Museum of the Middle East

The Museum of the Middle East houses a small but diverse collection of artefacts from Zoroastrian Persia and early regional civilisations from Luristan and Elam. It affords a peek at Lenin’s headless statue in a cou…