Home to one of Armenia's World-Heritage listed medieval monasteries, this village is cut into the canyon wall above Alaverdi and is an essential stop for all visitors to the Debed Canyon. Taking the cable car from Alaverdi is an enjoyable start to any visit here, and it also saves the fuss of finding a park near the monastery, which can be very busy on weekends in the high season.

Cable Car

A cable car (AMD300) climbs the lip of the inner canyon from Alaverdi's copper mine up to Sarahart, from where it's a short walk to Sanahin. It runs according to work shifts at the mine – 7.15am to 10am, 11am to 2pm, 3pm to 7.30pm and 11.15pm to midnight.

From the cable-car station, walk up to the main square of Sarahart and take a left; after 900m you'll reach a T-junction in Sanahin village (separate from Sarahart). The monastery is uphill and the Mikoyan Museum downhill.

The Yerevan–Georgia train passes through Sanahin and stops at the station for one minute; you'll need to inform staff if you wish to alight. Buy your ticket in advance and tell platform staff if you wish to take the train north.