This delightfully peaceful place is no one-horse town: there are many horses, and the sound of their hooves thumping the reddish earth in the evening is one of the nicest things about it. Yapeyú is a great spot to relax with its tree-filled plaza and quiet grassy riverfront. It's the sort of place where locals will greet you on the street.

An hour north of Paso de los Libres by bus, Yapeyú was founded in 1626 as the southernmost of the Jesuit missions. It’s also famous for being the birthplace of the great Argentine 'Liberator,' José de San Martín.

You can examine the Jesuit ruins – the Museo de la Cultura Jesuítica here has a comprehensive overview of all the missions – and admire the ornate Casa de San Martín, a pavilion that now shelters the ruins of the house where San Martín was born in 1778.