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Argentine in Villa la Angostura

Gran Nevada

With its big-screen TV (quite possibly showing a football game) and big, cheap set meals, this is a local favorite. Come hungry, leave happy.
Argentine in Villa la Angostura

La Encantada

A cute little cottage offering all of your Patagonian and Argentine favorites. The food is carefully prepared and beautifully presented, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. The pizza is some of the best in town…
Argentine in Villa la Angostura

Los Troncos

Specializing in ‘mountain food,’ this lovely little place serves up a range of tempting dishes, such as deer stew, trout with almond sauce and wild mushroom stew.
International in Villa la Angostura

Tinto Bistro

Besides the fact that the food (regional cuisine prepared with European flair) is excellent, the owner, Martín Zorreguieta, is the brother of Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands. Feast on that.
in Villa la Angostura

La Buena Vida

A modern restaurant that is good for traditional dishes, along with some more exotic choices – try the Hungarian goulash, crepes, risotto or borscht.
Parrilla in Villa la Angostura

La Caballeriza

The most upmarket parrilla in town has a good range of dishes, an intimate atmosphere and surprisingly reasonable prices.
Parrilla in Villa la Angostura


The most popular parrilla on the main drag, this one does some good lamb dishes, along with the standard offerings.
Italian in Villa la Angostura


The best pasta for miles around is to be found at this unassuming family-run joint just off the main street. It's all good – freshly made and with a fine selection of sauces, but the trout sorrentino with leek sauce…
Park in Villa la Angostura

Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes

This inconspicuous, often overlooked park, encompassing the entire Quetrihué Peninsula, protects remaining stands of the cinnamon-barked arrayán, a member of the myrtle family. In Mapudungun (language of the Mapuche…