Top things to do in Valles Calchaquíes

Top Choice Natural Feature in Angastaco

Angastaco Natural Monument

Just south of Angastaco, the rutted earthen highway that is RN 40 weaves through surrealist rock formations that are unofficially called the Angastaco Natural Monument. The views are stunning. Expect jagged mineral-…
Top Choice Gallery in Valles Calchaquíes

James Turrell Museum

Colomé Bodega boasts this stunning museum designed by artist James Turrell that features a permanent exhibition of six of his works. These are utterly memorable installations involving light and the strange frontier…
Top Choice National Park in Valles Calchaquíes

Parque Nacional Los Cardones

Flanking the winding RP 33 from Salta to Cachi across the Cuesta del Obispo, this park takes its name from the cardón (candelabra cactus), the park’s dominant plant species. Most picturesque is the Valle Encantado, …
Top Choice Vegetarian in Cachi


A tasty chef-driven vegetarian chalet set in the middle of adorable downtown Cachi, Ashpamanta does fresh pastas and pizzettas with local goat cheese, fresh tomato and pesto sauces, elaborate salads, veggie curry an…
Winery in Valles Calchaquíes

Colomé Bodega

Fine wines are produced at this ecological bodega, which is set (as they say hereabouts) ‘where the devil lost his poncho,’ 18km down a spectacular gravel road west from Molinos. The vineyards enjoy a stunning natur…
Church in Cachi

Iglesia San José

This endearing adobe church (1796) has graceful arches and a barrel-vaulted ceiling of cardón wood. The confessional and other features are also cardón, while holy water lives in a large tinaja (oil jar).
Argentine in Cachi

El Molle de Maiz Pérez

This one-man show takes place in an attractive room, with cardón tables on upturned logs. There are a few quirks (just go with the flow), but the food – roast chicken, locro (a spicy stew of maize, beans, beef, pork…
Argentine in Angastaco

Rincón Florido

A curious and heartwarming lunch stop just beyond Angastaco's municipal building. Three courtyard tables in a family home are vine-shaded and watched over by a talking parrot and myriad curious objects, from farm im…
Pizza in Cachi


This homey, multilevel restaurant and wine bar on the plaza is a reliable choice for tasty pizza, bruschetta, picadas (shared appetizer plates) and a couple of creative meaty mains. The setting, with its aged wood t…
Museum in Cachi

Museo Arqueológico

This well-presented and professionally arranged museum on the plaza gives an account of the surrounding area’s cultural evolution, with good background information (in Spanish) on archaeological methods. Don’t miss …