Uspallata restaurants

Parrilla in Uspallata

Parrillada San Cayetano

Pickings are slim in Uspallata, so despite the slow service, overpriced sides, and skimpy portions of grilled chicken, San Cayetano is still worth a mention. The outdoor deck, with some tables made from wagon wheels…
Parrilla in Uspallata

El Rancho

Uspallata's most upscale restaurant has an open barbecue grill carved out of a wall in the center of the dining room. Meat, especially a good roasted chivo (goat), is the way to go; trout and salmon also available, …
Cafe in Uspallata

Café Tibet

The food is ordinary and the opening hours irregular, but the decor, comprising leftover props from Seven Years in Tibet, is curious enough to deserve a look-see.