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Getting There & Away

Expreso Uspallata and Buttini runs several buses daily to and from Mendoza (AR$107, 2½ hours). Buses continue from Uspallata along RN 7 to Las Cuevas (AR$76, two hours), near the Chilean border, and stop en route at Los Penitentes, Puente del Inca and the turnoff to Laguna Los Horcones for Parque Provincial Aconcagua. They can be flagged from all of these locations on their return to Uspallata from Las Cuevas.

RN 7 gets closed down suddenly and for extended periods during winter snowstorms.

Buses to Barreal in San Juan province (AR$200, 2½ hours) leave Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The road (RP 149) is a rough, rocky and scenic stretch for 38km and paved the remainder. There are two well-marked Incan archaeological sites along the way.

Andesmar has daily morning departures to Santiago (AR$650, six hours) and Valparaíso (AR$500, seven hours) in Chile. You'll also see loads of Ormeño (a Peruvian company) and TAS Choapa (a Chilean company) buses running through Uspallata on their way to the border.

All buses leave from the Expreso Uspallata office in the little strip mall near the junction.