In addition to boating, which can be undertaken year round, there's also scuba diving in the Beagle Channel, horseback riding, zip lining and rock climbing, making Ushuaia one of the top outdoor-adventure areas in southern Argentina.


Hiking possibilities aren't limited to Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego: the entire mountain range behind Ushuaia, with its lakes and rivers, is a hiker’s paradise. However, many trails are poorly marked or not marked at all, and some hikers who have easily scurried uphill have gotten lost trying to find the trail back down. For their safety, hikers going outside the national park are asked to register at the tourist office upon their departure and return. Club Andino Ushuaia has maps and good information. In an emergency, contact the Civil Guard. Plan accordingly for rapid changes in weather.

Skiing & Sledding

With the surrounding peaks loaded with powder, winter visitors should jump at the chance to explore the local ski resorts. Accessed from RN 3, resorts offer both downhill and cross-country options. The ski season runs from June to September, with July (winter vacation) the busiest month. Sledding with huskies is another option and is perfect for families traveling with kids.