Steeped in Welsh heritage, this uneventful midsize hub is convenient to many attractions. However, it's home to few itself, and isn't a postcard city. The region’s commercial center, it’s a handy base for visiting the Welsh villages of Gaiman and Dolavon. Also worthwhile is the top-notch dinosaur museum.

Founded in 1886 as a railway junction, Trelew (tre-ley-ooh) owes its easily mispronounced name to the Welsh contraction of tre (town) and lew (after Lewis Jones, who promoted railway expansion). During the following 30 years, the railway reached Gaiman, the Welsh built their Salón San David (a replica of St David’s Cathedral, Pembrokeshire), and Spanish and Italian immigrants settled in the area. In 1956 the federal government promoted Patagonian industrial development and Trelew’s population skyrocketed.