Top things to do

Top Choice Monument in Rosario

Monumento Nacional a La Bandera

Manuel Belgrano, who designed the Argentine flag, rests in a crypt beneath this colossal stone obelisk built where the blue-and-white stripes were first raised. If rampant nationalism isn’t your thing, it’s neverthe…
Top Choice Gallery in Rosario

Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes

This gallery is worth a visit for its inventive displays of contemporary and 20th-century artworks from the Macro collection, and its small collection of European works, which contains a couple of very fine pieces.
Top Choice Park in Iguazú Falls

Parque Nacional Iguazú

On the Argentine side of the marvelous falls, this park has loads to offer, and involves a fair amount of walking. The spread-out entrance complex ends at a train station, with departures every half-hour to the Cata…
Top Choice Ruins in Misiones

Jesús de Tavarangüe

The restored church at Jesús was never finished. The spectacular trefoil arches (a nod to Spain’s Moorish past) and carved motifs of crossed swords and keys make it perhaps the most picturesque of all the Jesuit rui…
Top Choice Waterfront in Rosario


Rosario’s most attractive feature is its waterfront, where what was once derelict warehouses and train tracks has been reclaimed for the fun of the people. It stretches some 15km from its southern end at Parque Urqu…
Top Choice Island in Rosario

Paraná Delta

Rosario sits on the banks of the Río Paraná upper delta, a 60km-wide area of mostly uninhabited, subtropical islands and winding riachos (streams). It’s rich in bird and animal life, and even the closest islands fee…
Top Choice Multicultural in Rosario

Encuentro de Colectividades

In November on the riverbank at the intersection with Dorrego, this 10-day party is divided into dozens of areas representing the countries of origin that make up the nation. National food, dress, music and dance pe…
Top Choice Church in Quebrada de Humahuaca

Iglesia de Susques

Susques is well worth a stop for its terrific village church. Dating from 1598, it has a thatched roof, cactus-wood ceiling and beaten-earth floor, as well as charismatic, naïve paintings of saints on the whitewashe…
Top Choice Gallery in Valles Calchaquíes

James Turrell Museum

Colomé Bodega boasts a stunning museum designed by artist James Turrell, featuring a permanent exhibition of nine of his works. These are utterly memorable installations involving light and the strange frontiers of …
Top Choice Basque in Rosario

Zazpirak Bat

From outside, this Basque cultural center gives few clues that there's a restaurant inside, and the menu seems a little humdrum at first glance. But what a place this is. Fish and seafood are prepared to give maxim…