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The most common overland route from Patagonia is via the 20-minute ferry crossing at Punta Delgada, Chile. Unlike the rest of Argentina, Tierra del Fuego doesn’t have designated provincial highways but secondary roads known as rutas complementarias, modified by a lowercase letter. These roads are referred to as ‘RC-a,’ for example.

If renting a car in mainland Argentina, be aware that you must pass through Chile a couple of times to reach Tierra del Fuego. This requires special documents, special attention to banned items (mainly fruit, dairy products, meat and seeds) and additional international insurance coverage. Most car-rental agencies can arrange the paperwork with advance notice.

Chile is building an alternate road to the southern end of the island. At the time of research it linked with Lago Fagnano, but a 4WD vehicle was required.

Visitors can fly into Río Grande or Ushuaia. Buses take the ferry from Chile’s Punta Delgada; all pass through Río Grande before reaching Ushuaia.